Wednesday, September 12, 2007

standing tall

So on the day after her 8th month birthday, my babe has decided (again quite independently and without warning) that she wants to stand. And stand she does.

A little wobbly still, but she was very proud and happy with herself this evening as she stood on her own! I fear, however, this will be the start of her waking at night, standing in bed and crying out for me. I'm bracing myself for more sleepless nights ahead.

Today I took K to see the allergist and she was tested. So it's now confirmed - all my "at home" diagnosis of her allergies are accurate. She's allergic to everything! Well, I exaggerate... almost everything - milk, wheat, soy, oaks, barley - my poor babe. I even have a prescription for an epi-pen for her as a result. Although the doctor said the pen was for "just in case" having one scares me because it means just that... "just in case". And although I can control what I feed her at mealtimes, now that she's so mobile, I can't monitor everything she puts in her mouth, especially when we're out.

I was secretly hoping that the allergist would somehow say something like: "Oh you have nothing to worry about, she doesn't have any allergies at all!" But who am I kidding! I never imagined when I was pregnant with Baby K that I would be dealing with this. I was expecting and sort of prepared for the waking up at night, the crying, the diapers, but unfortunately not for the allergies.


Beaches said...

Hey Flora - sorry to hear that baby K's allergies have been confirmed. Take comfort in the fact that despite the difficulties, you are raising a strong (look at her stand!), beautiful, smart baby girl. She's lucky to have such a wonderful Mom.

sugar mama said...

Poor K! Hopefully she will outgrow some of her allergies? My friend Lisa's 4yr old has had an epi-pen since around K's age -- she's allergic to sesame, which is in so many things. She would be great to talk to about how to deal with food allergies, going out/away, etc... if you want, I can put you two in touch... let me know.

Lara said...

Do they think she'll outgrow most of them? Did she react to the pin pricks for allergies?
It's horribly stressful figuring all of this out, I know and sympathize.