Thursday, September 06, 2007

weaning - part deux

I'm happy to report that Baby K is successfully taking the bottle again! So after one week of struggle (and almost giving up) it's finally done. In fact, it's been so successful that this morning, she actually held out her hand to grab the bottle from me when I showed it to her!

Last week she took about an ounce from the bottle with my mom and on the weekend she drank two full bottles from hubby. The trick, I got other people to give the bottle to her and get her used to it, plus we sat her in the high chair and put a bib on her. Then we feed her the bottle in the chair rather than holding her lying down like I do when I nurse her. It seemed to work. Maybe she associated sitting in the chair with eating - who knows. I'm just grateful it worked.

It's still a bit of a pain to have to pump enough milk for her bottle feed. It's basically double the effort and time just for one feeding! I'll look forward to the day when she's fully weaned because that means ice cream and chocolate again for me! Oh how I miss these things!

Oh... and another thing, she will only drink from the Playtex brand bottles, which I find a bit of a pain because a) they only work with these disposable liners, and b) because of the liners I have to warm the bottle in another container. All those Avent bottles I bought before she was born - what a waste! All I use them now is to warm the milk and transfer to the other bottle!

Note to any moms-to-be out there, don't buy a lot of bottles until you're sure you need them because they could be wasted if your babe doesn't like them! I learned the hard way.

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