Tuesday, October 30, 2007

growing pains

Ever since Baby K reached 6 months, she's been hitting one milestone after milestone. It's all coming so rapidly that I'm finding it hard to keep up. The latest, she's just started to pull herself up and doing some unstable "table walking".

So what does this all mean? More sleepless nights! Just when I thought it was getting good again. There she goes changing it up on me once more. Now she wakes up in the middle of the night and instead of putting herself back to sleep, she's learned to pull herself up using the crib rails. Then she stands there crying out for me to help her down. After two nights of this, it's getting pretty exhausting, especially since I've been staying up late this week in order to prepare for this weekend's show.

So what's the fix? The first night this happened, Baby K and I just slept together in the spare room since I had no idea what to do. Since then we've been reading up on parent forums and a lot of the advice has been: go in, put her back down and keep doing this until she stays down. Well that all sounds good in words. Hubby tried this last night when she woke up standing at around midnight. I have to say, it's pretty tiring and sad at the same time. I'm watching her in the monitor struggling to get up and hubby picking her up and putting her back down over and over again. Breaks my heart. I'm sure this is yet ANOTHER phase we'll get past, but the end couldn't come soon enough, especially as she's started doing this in the day during her nap times, too!

On other thoughts....

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