Sunday, October 07, 2007

trade offs

I know that being a parent, compromises and trade offs come with the territory. Although, I always figured it would come later, possibly when Baby K is 4 years old. But funny enough (well, not really as much laughable as ironic) I find myself making a lot of trade offs with a babe who is yet not 9 months old!

For instance, we've seemed to have traded off daytime napping - which was going so well up until two weeks ago - for night time sleeping. Baby K is FINALLY sleeping through the night completely (from 7:30 pm to 6:30 am). The trade off - she is no longer napping during the day! She doesn't even take the half hour "power naps" she used to take when she was 4 months old. It's actually zero naps during the day. Incredible, huh? I don't know how she does it. I'm not sure how we'll get over this hurdle, but I really hope it passes soon because it is truly exhausting.

Anyways, there will be fewer posts this month as I am busy preparing for 2 shows next month. Come out and visit, and do some fun holiday shopping at the Green Holiday Show at the CNIB Centre and Children's Trunk Show at the Distillery District in November! Hope to see you there.

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some photos from fun our weekend so far! And, it's pumpkin picking time tomorrow - hurray!

: : Kayla exploring her toy box (this was all hubby - I came into the family room to find her in the box!)

: : Our first trip down a slide!

: : Just horsing around!

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