Thursday, November 29, 2007

then and now

Recently I've been thinking about the early days - when Baby K was just born. Seeing her development these days makes that seem so long ago.

This week she's started to play copycat - she'll wave back when you wave to her, she'll throw her hands in the air when you do the same, and she'll laugh when you laugh. It's all too hilarious for words!

Perhaps it's my looming return to work date that has me thinking about the baby days. Although I'm excited at the prospect of starting something new at work and interacting with adults again, I'm also sad that I'll miss many of the future developments she'll have. For a year now, it's been just me and her. That's hard to give up.

So, I've been flipping through her photo album and just thought I'd reflect...

: : then...

: : and now...

That's her cousin Chloe on the right.

It goes so fast...

Monday, November 26, 2007

handmade holidays

Last week, I attended the One of a Kind Christmas Show (like I've done religiously every year for the past 10 years). My not-so-secret dream is to exhibit at this show one day.

Along with my annual re-stocking of goodies from The Garlic Box, I picked up this sweet dress/tunic for Baby K from Rabbit Green. It's been made from reclaimed fabrics and then restyled into this wonderfully fashionable and functional little dress.

I love all the details in this dress - the brown checkered front and pink corduroy back, the flower-print front pocket and the darling stitched heart on the reverse.

In keeping with my goals this year, I've pledged to support local artisans and try to find unique gifts where possible for those on my Christmas list... so that's all the photos I'll show of my recent trip to the show!

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

dandelion mud pie

I recently made a delivery of these little critters to a new shop (just one week old) in the trendy Yonge and Lawrence village in Toronto. Dandelion Mud Pie is a sweet eco-chic shop featuring a great mix of unique and local home, jewellery, baby, and body care products that are good for you and the environment, too!

Owner, Helen, is a mother of two boys, and one of the nicest people I've ever met. Her sweet shop is just right up my alley, too. I have to say, if I was to ever open a store, hers would be a great model! I love the green concept. I love that many of her products are locally made. And I love that almost everything is one-of-a-kind!

If you're in the area, go see for yourself and shop green!

Dandelion Mud Pie - 6 Fairlawn Avenue, Toronto
Store hours:
Tuesday - Friday from 10am - 7pm
Saturday & Sunday from 10am - 6pm

P.S. her web site is coming soon!

Monday, November 19, 2007

if you're happy and you know it...

... clap your hands! And that's just what Baby K did the other night. During our family celebration of my mom's retirement, Kayla finally clapped her hands. It was a wonderful first, made extra special because we were surrounded by my family and they could all witness this feat.

We had been trying to teach her this trick for about a month now and she's finally got the hang of it. She's so pleased with herself - giving us all a big smile as she claps her hands together. Wonderfully sweet!

Monday, November 12, 2007

weaning... the finale

At 10 months old, Baby K is successfully weaned. Her last nursing was yesterday morning. Now that it's over, I find myself missing it - missing the connection, the closeness, and the quiet time together. With Baby K so active, there's never a moment when she'll just sit still while I hold her, expect when she was nursing. Now that's gone, too.

It's funny to think how much I had wanted to wean her 2 months ago and now that it's finally happened, I'm a little sad that it's gone. It's just another reminder that my baby girl is growing up so fast.

These days, playtime is so much fun. She's constantly chattering now - smiling and laughing at her own antics. She likes to chase Kobe around the house, although I can't say Kobe is enjoying this development much. And for some strange reason, shredding tissues provides her with endless enjoyment!

On another note, thanks to everyone who came out these past 2 weeks to support and visit me at the shows. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and met so many creative and talented people. Thanks to K for helping out this weekend and to E for bringing us food! We were the envy of my booth neighbours with our St. Lawrence market sandwiches.

It was great hearing all the positive feedback about my items. It makes all the hard work leading up to the shows worthwhile. Thanks all!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

show time

My very first show was a big success! I meet so many wonderful people and contacts, received a lot of positive feedback, and took away many learnings for the next show and future.

I was pleasantly surprised by the show traffic. I didn't have high expectations, with the show being it's first year, however, the Mom2Mom Toronto team did an amazing job. The traffic was steady throughout the day. I was also very pleased with the reactions to my hand knit organic animals - which sold out by the end of the day!

Thanks to V who came out to help me yesterday and today, and to hubby and Baby K for their love and support always! (and hubby made the awesome display for my hair clips - which got a lot of compliments during the day, too!)

Hope to see you at next week's Children's Trunk Show at the Distillery District - when we do it all over again! Better get back to knitting - I'm out of inventory, again!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Baby K (and her parents) enjoyed her first Halloween. Here's some moments from our spook-tactular night (which was pretty spooky how *warm* it was for the last day of October)!

: : a treat from grandma and grandpa

: : the funny rooster, scary dragon and baby-roo come out to play!

: : a be-witching (but FUN) night!

Hope you all had a great night as well! Baby K has shown me that Halloween is soooo much more fun with kids! Enjoy!