Tuesday, December 11, 2007

my babies

Kobe was my first babe. Hubby and I bought him from a breeder an hour north of Toronto and brought him home, shivering in my arms, 10 winters ago. He's a great dog - silly and sweet.

When we brought Baby K home, also in the winter, we wondered how my two babes would get along.

I think the first week home was an adjustment for Kobe. All four of us slept in the same room then. Kobe's bed was beside her bassinet. All the night time wake-ups and crying, however, must have been keeping him up because the following week, Kobe decided to sleep in the hall. Then, the week after that, he moved himself to the stairs (yes, strangely enough he slept on the third step of our stair wall). It scared me to no end, thinking he would shift in the night and fall down. But he never did. The following week (and now permanently) he sleeps downstairs, in the warmest spot in our house, near the laundry room! We didn't maneuver this shift, he did it on his own.

Now, 11 months after that day, Kobe and Kayla are like big brother and little sister. Baby K is constantly tagging along after him, and Kobe just wants to be left alone. It's funny to watch her crawling around the house after him, squealing with delight as she does so.

Actually, I'm lucky that both my babies get along. Kobe is pretty good natured with Baby K. I don't think he loves her (yet) but he tolerates her. These days, he'll roll over on his back and she'll pat his leg or chest. Very cute!

Also, Kobe is a permanent fixture by her highchair during meal times. He's learned very quickly that she's a messy eater. She's even taken to "feeding" him, too. Often she'll toss a piece of chicken or cheese over her chair and lean over and watch him gobble it up!

My babies... gotta love that!

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