Thursday, December 27, 2007


With officially one week left on mat leave, the preparations have begun. Last night we started packing up Kayla's things for the transition to "po-po's" (which is what Kayla calls her grandma) where she will be staying during the weekdays. I was surprised by all the stuff - a toy box full of toys and books, sheets, cups, dishes and cutlery, clothes, diapers, wipes and creams, the playpen and extra car seat.

Off to Grandma's we went today to start getting accustomed to her house rather than ours. A little bumpy at first because my parents have been away for over a month, returning yesterday from travelling around Asia for a little post-retirement (and pre-granddaughter) getaway, and Baby K was a little hesitate at the beginning. But after half an hour, all was good again. She had a great time, climbing up the stairs (repeatedly) and around my mom's house. She even took her afternoon nap in the playpen that we've set up in my old bedroom (how sweet is that, huh?) And I even got away for a couple of hours for some post-boxing day shopping by myself - even sweeter.

Eventually, by Monday, I hope Baby K can stay successfully the full day on her own with my parents without any problems. I'm lucky and grateful to them for being able to make this arrangement. It certainly makes going back to work much easier. We'll see how the "learning" week goes, but for day one, we're off to a good start!

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