Friday, January 11, 2008

happy birthday

Baby K is officially one year old!

This morning when she woke, I was eager to pick her up, kiss her and wish her a very happy birthday. To her, it was just like any other day, but to me, it's her biggest milestone yet. Today marks the first day of this crazy and wonderful journey of motherhood for me.

I remember back at my first thoughts when she was born: "What a sweet, BIG baby with an awesome set of lungs and so much hair!" I remember the first 3 days at the hospital as we got to know each other. She slept a lot then and I thought: "Well this wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be." Little did I know that would change after a couple of weeks.

As each month passed, I marvelled at how much she's grown, learned and changed not realizing how much I have grown, learned and changed as well. My life is richer now; my priorities different.

Being back to work full time, I've missed some important milestones - like her first steps. According to my mom, she took 3 wobbly steps on her own a few days ago. But, although I missed these things, I'm lucky she's sharing them with her grandma instead. Now, I'm always eager to get home, anticipating her smile as hubby and I walk through the door. It's wonderful to see her face light up when she sees us.

One year... a lot has happened in one year, but it goes so quickly. Happy Birthday to my sweet babe!

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