Sunday, March 30, 2008

the good hour

Tonight between 6 and 7 pm was the best hour of the entire weekend. We had just gotten home from J's first birthday party - which I handled solo and realized just how tough it was with a toddler who is on the go all the time.

When we got home, K and I trotted upstairs and played on the bed. An hour of bouncing on the bed, tickles and hiding under the covers. It was the best time! I love the interactions. The silliest, smallest (and oddest) things delight her, probably because she's such a silly girl! She certainly has her Daddy's personality.

: : Here she is chillin' in a chair just her size (photo taken this weekend at Auntie E's). I'm in love with this love seat, but not the price tag. Isn't it just the perfect size?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

my bitch session

So I just have to come out and say it... if you ever, ever consider visiting a travel clinic for advice or care, my advice... DON'T!

They don't give out consistent advice, they don't know what they're talking about, and they're set up by doctors and administrators who aren't able to set up a proper practice and just looking for money. Okay, I've said my peace.

So what's the story? In planning for our upcoming family getaway, I've been researching possible travel precautions for Baby K. So in an attempt to get her the right vaccines I contacted a local travel clinic who told me we would need to come in for a consultation. Fine.

However, when they told me about the fee structure, I was floored. They wanted us to pay double the consultation fee because I would need to accompany K to the session. Well of course I would need to go too - she's only 14 months old! So even though the advice and vaccines would only be for her, we would need to pay for a couple because I was coming too! If they could show me how a 14 month old would be able to go by herself and I would gladly pay! So ridiculous!

And this was not just one clinic... I called several to see if the policies were the same. They were, except that the fees varied from clinic to clinic. Even crazier! By the end of the day, I was pretty peeved.

In the end, K's doc was able to provide the vaccines after all, so all is good, but the whole experience baffles and shocks me to no end! Still does. Okay, enough said... thanks for your indulgence!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

braving the sun

Hubby and I have decided to take the big step... the big, scary step of taking a toddler on a plane for more than 3 hours; the even bigger, scarier step of taking her out to a foreign country; and the even more frightening step of introducing her to the ocean. (For those that have followed my blog early on, you'll understand...)

Today, we booked a much anticipated and needed vacation to the Dominican Republic - leaving in a month, and I'm super nervous about it. This is waaaaay bigger than our trip to Boston when she was 7 months. Now that Baby K is so active, we thought it would be fun to introduce her to the sun, but my head spins just thinking about all the things I'll need now.

Plus I'm worried. Worried about her allergies. Will they have food there that she can eat (they must have rice at least in DR, right?) Having a child with food allergies is exhausting. I always have food with me; I always watch what she puts in her mouth; I always worry.

Will they have milk? Should I bring formula as a back up? Will she even drink it now? Will she like the crib they give us? But most importantly, will she have fun? Her enjoyment really is our enjoyment now.

Funny how these things change, huh?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

early mornings

Have I talked about curve balls and babies, yet? I must have meantioned it once or twice before because every time I think that we're moving happily forward, it somehow changes and comes sneaking back again. What am I talking about? I'm talking about sleep.... yes, sleep and babies. It always comes back to that, doesn't it mommies?

The past couple of nights, Baby K has been waking up early (3 or 4 am early), standing in her crib and screaming. Oh, I mean screaming, like at the top of her lungs, like she's seriously injured or something. And it's hard to calm her down. Last night she cried for about 20 minutes at 4 am in the morning (ugh - on a work night) while I was holding her trying to figure out what was wrong. Nothing worked - until I took her downstairs that is. Amazing, as soon as I started to descend the stairs she stopped crying and started talking to me. I couldn't believe it. And all I kept thinking was: "Please stop talking; how are we going to go back to bed if you're talking?"

So I grabbed her some milk and luckily afterwards she promptly put her head back on my shoulder and acted like she was sleepy. She was, and within about 10 minutes she was asleep again, leaving me tired and perplexed.

Now I wonder what's going to happen tonight. More of the same? I hope not! I'm starting to fear a pattern developing, but I'm trying to ignore it. Humm.... writing what I'm thinking is not helping because it only gets me thinking more. Is it the recent time change? Is she sick? (she's doesn't appear to be sick - she's fine in the mornings)? Maybe she's getting her molars? She has never had teeth pain before, so I'm not sure what that's like. Humm.... better stop thinking and start going to bed; she could be up in another 4 hours!

Good night! Hope you're all sleeping well tonight - someone should, even if it's not me!

Sunday, March 09, 2008


This weekend has been, amongst witnessing one of the largest snowfalls that I can remember, a weekend of discovering.

Baby K has discovered a love of stuffies - which previously she has pretty much ignored - now will run to them and start hugging and kissing them. One of her faves, monkey, a Christmas gifts from her cousins.

She's also discovered the joys of old favourites. Remember the Fisher Price popper?

And we also discovered quinoa, a grain with a couscous like texture and packed with protein, which Kayla happens to LOVE! I first heard about it through a couple of vegetarian friends when I had told them about K's allergies. It's a great alternative to wheat and other grains which she's allergic to. So we tried quinoa for lunch today and both Kayla and hubby enjoyed it!

P.S. my 33 day tribute is officially over... although I was many days short... too much ambition, not enough time...

Saturday, March 01, 2008

33 days : : day 31

: : Smile for the camera! She's such a silly girl! These days, I just let her loose around the house and laugh as she toddles about. It's simply hilarious - walking was never this much fun until now!