Sunday, March 09, 2008


This weekend has been, amongst witnessing one of the largest snowfalls that I can remember, a weekend of discovering.

Baby K has discovered a love of stuffies - which previously she has pretty much ignored - now will run to them and start hugging and kissing them. One of her faves, monkey, a Christmas gifts from her cousins.

She's also discovered the joys of old favourites. Remember the Fisher Price popper?

And we also discovered quinoa, a grain with a couscous like texture and packed with protein, which Kayla happens to LOVE! I first heard about it through a couple of vegetarian friends when I had told them about K's allergies. It's a great alternative to wheat and other grains which she's allergic to. So we tried quinoa for lunch today and both Kayla and hubby enjoyed it!

P.S. my 33 day tribute is officially over... although I was many days short... too much ambition, not enough time...

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