Tuesday, April 29, 2008

it doesn't get much better than this...

Hanging out on the patio, watching the ocean waves roll onto the beach; laughing and playing by the pool; and eating really great food - constantly! What more could we have asked for? It was the perfect vacation.

But vacations are really different now. I've had several people comment to me since my return saying things like "oh... you're not too tanned this time..." And all I can say is, vacations are really different now. Gone are the days where hubby and I could lazily lounge on the beach, soaking in the rays for hours on end. Gone are the days where I would sit by the pool and read a book from cover to cover. Gone are the days when sleeping in until noon while on vacay was routine because we'd been up drinking the night before.

This time around, our days were filled with splashing in the pool, making sand mountains on the beach, climbing up and down stairs constantly (seriously K has an obsession with steps these days!) and riding the trolley train around the resort at least once a day!

I didn't even bring a book much less a magazine! There was no lying out in the sun perfecting my vacation tan. Nor was there any sleeping in. We were up at sunrise, all three of us strolling out onto the beach in our PJ's and catching the sun as it rose over the ocean - breathtaking!

At 15 months old, K has grown into such a little charmer. Her little babbles, waves and dancing charmed almost everyone we met there. I know I'm probably biased here, but she was just too cute for words. All the waiters, waitresses and entertainment staff at the resort, and including all the kids at the pool knew Kayla's name by the end of the trip. We were pretty proud parents.

Bye, bye Punta Cana, you'll be well missed!

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