Monday, April 14, 2008

the little moments

Being a mom and a working full-time has it's ups and downs. Anyone in the same situation understands what I mean. This afternoon, I realized how much I had missed the little moments. I had the afternoon off today to take my babe for her 15 month check-up. Afterwards we stopped off at the mall to run some last minute errands for our trip.

Usually mall trips are hurried and not much fun anymore (oh, I'm so sad to say this but one of my fave pastimes has become a chore). Going shopping with a toddler on a weekend is NOT fun! But when the mall is empty, it's like a different little girl has taken over. K toddles around the mall, waving at people, peeking into stores and presses her little hands against the windows. It's too adorable for words. I was kicking myself for not bringing the camera with me.

Then I think, oh my goodness, I'm missing these moments. My mom tells me this is how she acts when they go out on the weekdays together. I guess I never see it because the weekends are always so full of people that it overwhelms and frightens my babe. Hey, big crowds of people and lineups galore are pretty scary, even to me sometimes!

But the joy in her face, the happiness in her steps was so evident this afternoon. She was having a blast just walking; sometimes holding my hand, sometimes running ahead. We stayed at the mall for an hour just walking around because I didn't want the moment to end. I loved it so.

And later this afternoon, we took Kobe out for a real walk around the neighbourhood for the very first time (just the three of us). Of course Kobe didn't understand how to walk with a little person who only took 1 step per minute or so. He was so excited to be out with us, he kept pulling at the leash and wanting to charge forward.

It was a beautiful day filled with many little moments. I wish there were many more.

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sugar mama said...

I have to admit this made me a bit teary. I totally feel for you. It sounds like K was really happy to have her mama for the afternoon too :)