Wednesday, June 04, 2008

fathers and daughters

There's something to be said about the relationship between fathers and daughters. In our fam, I'm the one K turns to when she's hurt, scared or hungry. But when she wants to play or be teased, she instantly turns to dada.

He's the one that will chase her around the house, or hid behind a door waiting for her to walk through to surprise her. He's the one she calls for from the top of the stairs, asking him to come up and play with her, or throw her up in the air and onto the bed. He's the silly one when she just wants to be silly, too.

This week, it's been just the two of them - a little dada and kid mini vacation. So far they've been to the park, the mall, an indoor play-gym, and out for lunch around town. Actually, all the places mommies and babies typically hangout.

Hubby reported today after a visit to our local indoor playground that he was only one of 3 men in a place overflowing of women and kids. And I guess just as groups of mommies will converge and make friends, daddies will do that, too apparently.

So, I'm fortunate that hubby is capable, willing and comfortable spending a week long "holiday" with our babe. It's something that she probably won't remember, but the bonding and the memories for him will last forever, and that makes me happy beyond words.

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