Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the walk

These evenings there's a new walker in the family.

What was once a duo (Kobe and I) has now become a task for three.

As soon as our shoes are on and Kobe is hooked up with his leash, K immediately reaches for the lead and out the door she goes, not even bothering to look behind to see if I'm following. My brave, impulsive and impatient girl (she gets that from me - hubby is the exact opposite). This act alone solidifies in my mind that she really, truly is growing up!

Secretly, I see much dog walking in her future, so the fact that she enjoys toddling around our neighbourhood with Kobe in tow is great news! She has so much fun, in fact, that often she refuses to come in. Even Kobe, who's been trained by over 9 years of walks, has the sense to head up the driveway to the path of our front door. But not Kayla. She actually starts pulling back on the leash, shaking her head and backing away instead.

Even the dog knows it's time to turn in for dinner! Oh, but not her! She's not ready yet to go inside. Instead, they make another trip together around the block! My two funny, silly babes - they make me laugh!

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