Thursday, August 14, 2008

19 months and counting

It's been so long since I sat down to write a post and I'm sorry about my laziness. No excuses, just plain lazy.

My blogging absence has by no means that K has stopped growing, learning, discovering. She's constantly talking now. A mixture of both English and Chinese, which is one of the benefits of having my parents as her daycare provider. I love that she can understand both languages. I'm going to try hard not to let that slip away like it did for me when I started school. As an adult, I understand how valuable language can be.

K loves books now. Can't stop reading. We read in the mornings when we wake up, in the car, before we go to bed and anytime in between. Funny thing is, she has her 3 favourites and will not tire of reading them over an over again. It's pretty silly and exhausting at the same time. By now, I have them memorized.

K loves the chicken dance. We showed it to her one day when she was tired and being fussy. She immediately stopped crying, watched us do the moves, then started to copy us. It was THE FUNNIEST THING EVER! Even funnier was she would only flap one arm not both. It resembled an armpit

K loves dogs. I guess that's the product of having one in the home. She's fearless. Every dog we see she has to go say hello. Sometimes makes me nervous with the larger ones, but mostly we know all the dogs in our neighbourhood so it puts me at ease, mostly.

K loves "America's Best Dance Crew". Every weekend it comes on, she's out there in front of the TV dancing away by herself...doing the arm pumps, circles, back-and-forth swaying, and knee bends. One day I have to take video of this. She's going to be a star, I know it!

Here's some photos taken over the past few months. Enjoy and I promise to be back soon!