Monday, January 19, 2009

2 years

Dear Kayla,

Has 2 years really passed already? It feels like only yesterday, you were a wee babe in my arms as I walked the house endlessly, rocking you to sleep.

It's amazing how 2 years makes such a big difference. You're such a little character now. Very independent, strong willed and determined, yet loves to laugh, tease and play games like hide-n-seek and "chase me."

A big girl indeed, participating in simultaneously ditching the diapers and crib, opting to sleep in a big girl bed. My baby girl is not a baby anymore, but forever my babe. I love the way you like to be tucked in at night, covers up to your chin. And I love you when you sneak your way into our bed (but not always at the exact moment, but afterwards upon reflection of the act the afternoon, day or week later).

We dream of your future, even though you're only 2. Will you be a dancer? You're always swaying your hips and moving your arms to the beat of any music (even trying out the steps of America's Best Dance Crew). Will you be a singer? Love to sing-a-long to the Backyardigans or the pop songs on the radio on the drive home from grandma's. Will you be a gymnast? Doing somersaults and jumping are some of your favourite pastimes.

Whatever you'll be when you grow up, I'll always love, support and cherish you. I love you. Happy 2 years, baby K!

Loving you,
your momma.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

what does this mean?

My babe always surprises me. And sometimes she does things that just plainly stumps me. Take this for example:

...and this:

She likes to line up her toys. She does this with no prompting or reason. I just find these figures, toys, and dolls throughout the house, all in a line, one after the other.

What does this mean? Any guesses?

Happy New Year!